Super-powerful cars “danced” in a drift show at the parking lot of Mall Varna EAD

14. September 2018
Super-powerful cars “danced” in a drift show at the parking lot of Mall Varna EAD
The squealing of tires, the roar of engines, and the cars “dancing” at breakneck speed, drew thousands of spectators to the show produced by the Drift Club Bulgaria (DCB) on Thursday evening. For more than an hour, 9 drivers, each being an internationally renowned virtuoso in the field of extreme driving, regaled the multitude gathered at the outdoor parking lot of Mall Varna EAD.

Over the course of the whole day, curious passers-by flocked around the participants in the Summer Drift Show Varna 2018 and their cars. The most enthusiastic admirers of this challenging sport took their spots early, before the commencement of the adrenalizing show.

Wishing to participate in the “The-Fast-and-The-Furious”-style demonstrations, drifters from Serbia and Romania came to Varna for their first time. Those drivers, together with their counterparts hailing from Varna, Dobrich, Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, and Stara Zagora, showed in a unique way how 600 horsepower placed under the hood of the car, could be tamed and “trained” to create a memorable show.

Powerful cars raced at the parking lot, covered with smoke, spinning in complicated pirouettes and synchronized astonishingly, while the men behind the wheel were pressing the gas pedals all the way, causing the public to admire and applaud them.

Photos: Krasi Ivanov – Fotografiya and Kolev Photography