Varna Mall is Becoming Part of Bulgarian Red Cross’s Campaign for Clothing Donations

16. January 2019
Varna Mall is Becoming Part of Bulgarian Red Cross’s Campaign for Clothing Donations
Varna Mall is now one of the 9 locations in Varna, where city residents may donate clothes and other textile items that they deem not needed.

As part of the Bulgarian Red Cross’s and the Humanita firm’s initiative, two special containers will be positioned at the Open-Air Parking Lot in front of the Shopping Center’s Central Entrance, intended for the collection of sound and clean clothes, home textile, bags, belts, and other accessories. The requirement for these donations is that they are duly packed in a well tied or sealed bag, with maximum dimensions of 30cm x 80cm x 30cm.

Varna Mall is the third mall in Bulgaria that joins this nationwide campaign, which aims to popularize among the population a system for the effective collection and utilization of clothes and textile items. A similar model has been in existence for the past 25 years in Western Europe.

The collected items will be driven periodically to a specialized factory for their sorting, whereat, if necessary, they will be processed or prepared for second-time use. Clothes and textile deemed fit for use will be included in the Bulgarian Red Cross’s critical reserves for victims of disasters, damages, and crises, or will be bestowed by the humanitarian organization upon people in need.

Another part of the donations, deemed fit for use as clothes and clothing accessories, will be exported to Third World countries. Items that are not fit for use for their original purpose will be recycled and processed into raw materials and industrial products.

This model, by sparing natural resources, aims to bring raw materials back to the economy, and to create opportunities for increasing their life span, by repeatedly using or transforming them into another kind of product. In this way, everyone may contribute to the Earth’s health, by decreasing the extraction of new natural resources.