Alfa Brides – new name, new logo and the latest trends in bridal fashion

04. February 2019
Alfa Brides – new name, new logo and the latest trends in bridal fashion
The most popular bridal boutique at the seaside - Bridal House - started the year under a new name -  Alfa Brides, with a new logo and many new offers for the happiest day of the life of each young lady!

“Our company has been organising wedding events for more than 10 years and has been known under the Bridal House brand for almost 4 years. Our experience has taught us to help dreams come true for women who know what they are looking for and therefore we decided that it is time to be even braver in the things we do. The alpha women, i.e. women who are strong and successful and know what they want from their lives and from the man beside them and... from their wedding day, have inspired us to start the year with a new logo. It combines the elegance and strength of the first letter of the Greek alphabet,” said Alfa Brides manager Emiliya Kurkutiadi, teasing the increasingly popular “trend” of the “alpha” males.

The Alfa Brides shop on the second floor of Varna Mall will welcome future brides with a lot of new ideas and bridal collections. “In 2019 ladies prefer simpler models, probably under the influence of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding. Most of them prefer satin, whereas lace is left behind.  A-line dresses, dresses with pockets, pearls, precious stones and sequins are the latest trend. The white wedding dress is no longer sparkling snow white. An increasing number of brides-to-be think of how the dress colour will look in photographs and choose the softer shades of white, such as ivory, ecru, champagne, sand (pale sand), cappuccino and nude,” Emiliya Kurkutiadi says, shedding light on the trends in bridal fashion.

And here are some more news for those who are already planning their wedding – on 17 March Alfa Brides will organise a “School for Brides” in its shop in Varna Mall. Brides-to-be will be consulted by different styling experts – designers, hairdressers and make-up artists on that Sunday. With their help, future brides will be able to select the best dress, shoes, veil, make-up and hairdo for their wedding day.