77 Art Installations Competed in the New Life for Unnecessaries Competition

23. April 2019
77 Art Installations Competed in the New Life for Unnecessaries Competition
The Varna Mall’s challenge for children and young people in Varna to breathe new life into unnecessaries by creating 3D works of art sparked the imagination of 77 participants aged between 5 and 29.

The competition for art installations made from waste materials presented individual and group works, most of which were made with a great deal of imagination and impressive professionalism.

It was extremely hard for the jury headed by the designer Marieta Stankova to choose the winners and extraordinarily awarded 13 encouragement awards.

For a winner in the New Life for Unnecessaries Competition the jury unanimously selected the art installation of the 19 years-old Nataliya-Gabriela Byalek.

She has created a corner of planet Earth whose inhabitants use 100% green energy.

Second was placed a real “trash monster”.

The work with impressive dimensions was made by pupils of Montessori School: Antoniya (9 years old), Aleksandra (7 years old), Raya (9 years old), Dimi (8 years old), Boyan (7 years old), Yanimir (9 years old), Lachezar (10 years old), and Aleksandra (9 years old).

The robot of 9 years old Elena Dimitrova placed third.

All the winners got statuettes, gifts and gift cards with a value of BGN 500 for the first place, BGN 300 for the second place, and BGN 100 for the third place.

The jury awarded encouragement awards to: Magdalena Vasileva (8 years old), Raya Ivanova (9 years old), Monika Lyubenova (10 years old), Denislava Georgieva (10 years old), Ivana Savova (12 years old), Monika Slavova (12 years old), Anton Antonov (14 years old), Denitsa Uzunova (15 years old), Aleksandra Kazasova (16 years old), Dobromir Markov (29 years old), Hristiyana and Simona Makaveev (11 years old), and the collective works of Nothing Is Impossible Association and Plamache Kindergarten.

All contestants received diplomas for their successful participation.