Santa Claus Launches His “Marine” Tour Once Again Starting From Varna Mall

03. December 2019
Santa Claus Launches His “Marine” Tour Once Again Starting From Varna Mall

For yet another year, Santa Claus launched his “marine” tour of Bulgaria with an impressive and attractive start. The white-bearded old man stayed loyal to the tradition, and right on December 2nd, albeit being extremely old aged, he came down from the roof of the Shopping Center with a bag of gifts, in front of hundreds of children and their parents who were watching him.

This funny festivity in honor of our dear guest lasted for more than 2 hours, taking place at the Central Foyer of the Shopping Center. It happened by the festive Christmas tree, the Sugar House, and the dancing bear cubs at the fabulous corner, which was covered with Christmas candies.

This year, Santa Claus was aided not only by the dwarfs and Snow-White, but also by the Bunny Rabbit, who had prepared a large bag of tasty wheat sticks with a surprise toy for the young guests.

All of the kids received treats directly from Santa Claus, and for all those who performed best in the quizzes and games by the Christmas-tree, even more enticing surprises from the Bunny Rabbit were available, as well as prizes from the tenants of the Shopping Center. A special prize – a red squashy beanless bag, was given to Veselina Ivanova, winner of the “Christmas Riddle” Facebook game on Facebook.

The white-bearded children’s favorite will stay in Varna Mall until the end of the year, so that all kids may get the chance to take a souvenir photo by the Christmas corner – each day from 11:00 until 19:00. And, each photo, taken by Santa Claus’s “official photographers”, guarantees participation in the online photo contest “Smiles with Santa Claus” on the Facebook page of the Shopping Center. Therein, in a special album, photos of all wishing to join in the contest will be arranged, and the first three who garner the biggest number of likes from December 4, 2019 until January 5, 2020, will win attractive prizes.