Each self-respecting lady knows the importance of personal style. Thanks to her understanding of style, she may build a successful image in society. If she is masterful in the art of dressing well, she can play the part of the sophisticated fashion icon, the romantic sweetie, or femme fatale. And each day, she can be whoever she wants to be…
But how do you build this unique personal style? With unique clothes, of course!
We at Exclusive Jeans know that the contemporary woman does not compromise on her outward appearance. This is why we have been producers and importers of Italian and Turkish ladies’ clothing and accessories, outstanding in terms of their design. We have been doing this for more than 15 years.
The perfect outward appearance can come in handy in all of life’s aspects. We may have a natural instinct for what is fashionable, but we can show it only if we have the right opportunity. You want to be lady-like and stand out from the crowd? Then choose your apparel from Exclusive Jeans! Our brand’s garments are intended for all those ladies, who are not just bold enough to be different, but also don’t have an alternative option. We understand them completely, because…
‘To be irreplaceable, you have to be always different’ (Coco Chanel).
Similar to our customers, we are experimentally-minded – we like working with textile materials and cuts that are not available on the Bulgarian market.  Each piece that has the Exclusive Jeans label has been created with sharp attention to details and to good-quality production. This is the only way we can guarantee that our customers get what they deserve. And this means getting only the best!
Stop by us and you may find high-quality…

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!’ (Marilyn Monroe).
They say that people shouldn’t economize on beds and shoes, because we spend half of our lifetime in them. And it is precisely our shoes that give away our personality. Never compromise on this part of your attire – you never know where things will lead you and who you’ll meet on your way…
Exclusive Jeans is a producer of sneakers, suede ankle boots, boots, and other types of ladies’ shoes. Our formidable experience in this field means that our technologies have been tested and improved throughout the years. It is not strange, therefore, that our products’ contemporary look is combined with ergonomic qualities, which make you addicted to them and wishing to wear them constantly.

“The ladies’ bags are like people in a public bus – there’s always room for one more!”
Stop by our shop and you may find your Perfect Bag, with a number of advantages compared to the rest of the products on the market. The Exclusive Jeans ladies’ bags are practical and modern. Each one has its own unique character – just like you!
Because they have been handmade from genuine leather, our bags can hold any loads. After all, they are every lady’s confidant and companion, regardless of the situation.

‘First impression is from your dress, last impression from your wits’
The first impression is of great importance, and the most memorable one can be made through the use of tops. It would be nice to have one such item right by your side, taking into consideration the current season.
We at Exclusive Jeans can offer you the perfect solution, any time during the year, accounting for your personal style. Our company is a producer and importer of jackets made from eco leather, denim jackets, quilted jackets, padded vests, and others. You will find everything you need with us!

Jeans and pants
‘Jeans stand for democracy in fashion’ (Giorgio Armani).
Jeans and pants allow for the ladies to dress with comfort, while being able to highlight their natural curves. With these items, you can build any type of image, be it casual or posh. There are countless combinations, but only one thing is for sure – jeans can always save your day!
Exclusive Jeans has been producing jeans and pants from high-quality textile materials for many years now. Here you will find outfits that will help you attract anyone’s attention, wherever you may be.

Blouses and shirts
‘Women have two problems: they have nothing to wear and there is no room in the wardrobe!’
Regardless of her age or occupation, every woman meets a challenge every day. She has to choose an outfit to go out with, which is both a difficult and important thing.
At Exclusive Jeans, we have a huge range of blouses and shirts, which can be combined either with pants or skirts. Some of them have been produced by us, others are a creation of trustworthy foreign associates of ours, but there is one thing they have in common – they have all been produced from high-quality Italian textile materials, which guarantees that our investment is a long-term one.
During the cooler months, we can offer you sweaters made of wool and cotton. They are a wonderful solution for all those women, who enjoy a combination between fashion and practicality.

Skirts and dresses
‘Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady!’ (Edith Head).
People will point to them as the most feminine of all types of clothes. Skirts and dresses are good for any type of occasions. If you want to get a really polished image, you may want to choose our unique clothes, made from high-quality Italian textile materials. Choose a skirt or a dress masterfully, and make women look at you with envy, and men – with desire… Highlight your feminine qualities and don’t forget that they are your most dangerous weapon!

‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off!’ (Coco Chanel)
To finish off your perfect outfit, you must choose the appropriate accessories. Even if you have built the desired image, you can ruin it with a single piece of decoration. Or, you may make it just perfect!
If the latter sounds more appealing, start out by choosing from our hats, scarves, necklaces, and other accessories, which we offer at Exclusive Jeans. You know, ‘the devil is in the details’; never underestimate their power, and use that power to your advantage.

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