Power & Beauty

Power & Beauty


Power & Beauty is a company specialized in providing food supplements and fitness equipment. The company was established in and has been active since 2002.

Power & Beauty is importer and official sales representative of more than 15 food supplement producers from the USA, such as Muscle Tech, Ultimate Nutrition, Universal, ABB, Optimum Nutrition, Nutrex, Six Stars, VPX, Interactive, Scivation, USP, MHP, API, Controlled Labs, etc. All products in the Power & Beauty catalog are directly imported and have competitive prices for the Bulgarian market. They are widely advertised and known on the Bulgarian market by people engaged in sports, for which purpose the company advertises in specialized magazines and conducts familiarization campaigns in the mass media. We are sponsors to a number of sports events and a number of prominent Bulgarian athletes. The company sells its products through its own stores, as well as through franchise agreements and distributors throughout the country. Our customers are mainly people who are actively engaged in sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. The assistants in our stores are well-trained specialists with sports education and further specialization, who follow the latest innovations in the industry to the smallest detail.
Power & Beauty owns a combined trademark registered with the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria under number 75194 of 20.09.2010:
Our own retail outlets and the ones under franchise agreements operate under the umbrella brand. The brand is already established as a symbol of quality and perfect customer service with unrivaled professionalism.

Power & Beauty strives for perfection in every endeavor undertaken. Working as a team, we rely on each other and thus achieve the best results. We strive to justify the customers' trust and prove our reliability, and to make customers feel the respect they deserve. Demonstrating high competence and professionalism, we work not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of our customers.

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