The intelligent way to sell perfumes: How to produce a great variety of high-quality perfumes and sell them at attractive prices?

This was the question that back in 1991 brought to the foundation of Refan Bulgaria. Lead by his passion for beauty and his incredible taste for fine fragrances, applying  the Bulgarian  perfumery traditions and the long-term knowledge and experience of one of the most  famous flavor & fragrance companies, Stefan Popov established his family company and named it Refan (after the names of his wife Reni and himself - Stefan).    

Nowadays, Refan is a worldwide leading brand - a symbol of high quality and prestige. The company has continually and successfully been run by the son of Mr. Stefan Popov – Anguel Popov, who has modernized and further developed the business internationally. The creation of Refan products is a mixture of  strong passion for the brand,   state-of-the-art innovations, gained long-term expertise and know-how, observing trends and market demands and finding the best possible solutions to consumer needs.

For almost 25 years the company has been manufacturing high quality perfumes in bulk, offering an economically efficient, environmentally-friendly and an intelligent way for their sales:  can buy perfumes for different occasions, in different volumes and with refillable glass bottles and… with maximum quality at competitive prices.

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