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Vision R

The VISION R beauty parlour invites the visitors of Mall Varna EAD (Мол Варна ЕАД) in a world of beauty, pleasure and relaxation:
• hair-dressing with the professional products of L'OREAL and KERASTASE;
• hair extension;
• manicure, pedicure, nail-plastic;
• cosmetics;
• makeup;
• solarium;
• marketing of hair products by L'OREAL and KERASTASE, face cosmetics by DR RENAUD and THAL'ION; hands and feet products by GEHWOL MAVALA.
VISION R – this is a place in the big city where you can forget about everything and indulge in cares only for yourselves!

Our stylists offer a full range of professional hairdressing services: dyeing, cutting and styling techniques to shape your hair style and make you look gorgeous; they will help you refine your style with modern ideas and proven skills. The beauty parlour uses the professional hair care products of L'OREAL and KERASTASE: shampoos, conditioners, nourishing masks and ampoules, gels, foams, hair sprays for volume and shine. These products can be purchased in the parlour, after consultation with the hairdresser.

Hair extension
Extending and thickening your hair is a beautiful way to change it and give it a new style. There are several methods by which you can lengthen your hair. Which one you choose depends on the condition of your hair, what you want to accomplish and how long you want to enjoy the benefit of hair extension. The extended hair is just like real hair: it can be combed, washed, dyed, hair-dried and styled without problems.
The hair we use for extensions is 100% natural human hair with guaranteed origin and the same direction of hairs in a tuft of hair, which prevents tangling. We work with the brands SO.CAP. MAGAMA. We offer special cosmetics for extended hair.

Manicure and Pedicure
Leave the care of your hands and feet to us. Indulge in the incredible pleasure that these procedures can give you. The manicurist of the VISION R beauty parlour will take you to the world of pleasure, and then your nails
and pedicure will look gorgeous. If you like decoration - paintings on one or more nails will strengthen the effect of manicure and pedicure. If your nails are weak and fragile – nail-plastic is a good option.

Through the various cosmetic procedures we offer, we aim to highlight your natural beauty. We guarantee that your skin will feel refreshed, younger and healthier. We can achieve amazing results with the THAL'ION products. We also offer hair removal procedures.

Makeup is the final touch to your perfect look. We offer professional make-up, consistent with the special occasion and your own style. If you want to be beautiful on your special day, we offer:
• prom makeup;
• wedding makeup;
• daytime makeup;
• evening makeup;
• permanent makeup.

VISION R Beauty Parlour offers you to acquire a suntan with the professional solarium ULTRA SUN – a trademark of superior quality and comfort, appreciated by customers worldwide.
For better tan we have trusted the specialized solar cosmetics, which reduce the duration of exposure and promote the achievement of faster effect.

The new team of VISION R Beauty Parlour is there to welcome you. You can find us in Mall Varna EAD (Мол Варна ЕАД), Floor 2.
Tel. 052/578 717, GSM 788 002 0888.
Working hours: from 10 am to 10 pm every day,  incl. Saturday and Sunday.

Vision R Vision R Vision R
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  • Phone: 052 578717
  • Floor: 2
  • Number: 14