Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds

The SEVEN SECONDS chain opened its first store in 2000 at No. 61 Vitosha Blvd. in Sofia with the idea and concept to sell mostly socks and tights. However, with the years and the gained experience, the concept of the shops has changed and they have turned in stores specialized in selling underwear, socks, stockings, nightgowns and pajamas, swimwear and accessories. The number of stores has increased and today there are seven of them in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.
In the coming months the SEVEN SECONDS chain is about to conquer also other cities in the country where they will offer their customers high-quality women's, men's and children's underwear, socks and
tights, swimwear, pajamas and accessories from the latest collections of famous designers and brands.
The SEVEN SECONDS team consists of young and ambitious people who are using their experience to constantly follow the fashion trends to meet the dynamically changing environment in the fashion world and to accurately meet the requirements of their customers.

SEVEN SECONDS is a chain of stores, designed to provide a wide variety of current collections from designers and brands for women’s, men’s and children's underwear, swimsuits, nightgowns and pajamas, socks, tights and accessories, ranging from down-market to up-market items. We have the pleasure and honor to present to you the most popular brands and manufacturers throughout the world and make you part of that experience. Our goal is to introduce you to the convenience and comfort of French underwear, the unique laces and models of the Italian manufacturers, intended for any purpose, from sports and everyday underwear to the stylish and invisible underwear worn during a tempting night.
As a mandatory addition to any dress you can find a wide variety of stockings and tights in various shades, colors and patterns.
For the golden magic of summer you will surely find something for yourself also among the wide variety of beachwear: from swimwear in different colors and shapes to the mandatory accessories - pareo, tunics, shorts, beach bags, hats and flip-flops.
Men will also be flattered by the variety of briefs and boxers, t-shirts and jerseys with different designs, variety of colors and fabrics.
As a compliment to our clients we strive to maintain also a supply of designer jerseys, tunics and t-shirts that have long been used not as underwear but as appropriate clothing for daytime wear, for a business meeting or dinner party.

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