The indoor market

The indoor market

The Indoor Market - freshness in retro style

Just a few steps from shop windows displaying fashion collections on the second floor is The Indoor Market, reviving the atmosphere of a 19th century market with some traditional products of our grandmothers, the quality of fresh natural foods, the taste of the old recipes and the comfort of the setting of past centuries.

Among the atmosphere of the old town square near a real fountain neat shops offer 365 days a year on their stands halal meat, over 500 types of wines and spirits, coffee, fragrant herbs and medicinal teas, while the stalls around overflow with fresh fruits and vegetables, honey and delicious nuts. Alongside these operates a culinary shop for vegan and vegetarian foods, while in the bakery skilled craftsmen make bread and cakes by a technology, proven centuries ago.

The Indoor Market is the second home of the Boutique Bakery, making bread on the spot by a 19th century technology - without any chemical additives, kneaded with natural yeasts and baked on a hot plate. Besides popular types of bread from white, dark and wholegrain flour, the bakery offers products from yellow flours and bread from the ancient variety of wheat einkorn.

Lovers of sweets can choose from a variety of sweets prepared by recipes collected from around the world and made with high quality products of the highest grade. The products are prepared on the spot in front of customers and are tasted by clients prior to purchase.

Lemas Halal meat
Lamb and veal from animals ritually prepared according to the canons of Islam can now be bought from the indoor market. Muslim demands are met also by all products in the Lemas Halal store. Regardless of which area of Bulgaria the animals were bred, all fresh and chilled meat, the ready minced meat and the mince prepared in front of customers, as well as all other items from the shop windows and shelves are certified as "halal".

However, the followers of Allah will hardly be the only ones tempted by the offered culinary diversity, among which one can find Adana kebab, oriental sausage and various oriental meatballs.

Culinary abundance for vegetarians and vegans
The store for vegetarian and vegan foods at the Indoor market sells take-away dishes made entirely with vegetarian products. Much of the menu is consistent with the requirements of vegans who exclude not only meat but also fish, seafood, eggs and dairy products, and even honey, from their diet.

Soups, appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts are made on site, most of them follow old and long forgotten Bulgarian recipes. For the preparaion of other meals the experience of little-known traditions is borrowed, but in any case the technology of processing strictly complies with the requirements of vegetarian cuisine.

Vegetarian "tripe soup" vegan "chops", peppers stuffed with beans, bulgur and chickpeas, vegetarian Russian salad and a whole range of vegan cakes are only a small part of the range of the culinary shop at the indoor market.

The teas and herbs of the Droga shop
Loose teas and tea accessories, spices and herbs in bulk, dried and packkaged so as to preserve their healing ingredients, nuts and dried fruit - all this you will find in the Droga shop at the indoor market. Moreover, here you can stock up with bio- and superfoods and supplements that do not pump your muscles but keep you healthy.

Besides the fruits of the powerful antioxidant goji berry, you will also find here the less popular in Bulgaria but widely consumed worldwide seeds of the "traveling Indian food" Chia. The little black and white seeds were among the main products used by the Incas, Mayas, Aztecs and many other tribes from the southwestern part of America because of the incredible energy with which they fuel the body.

Chia is also the favorite food of people on a diet because when added to dishes, it swells and fills the stomach, replacing the calories and fat without changing the taste of the dishes. World luminaries in dietetics claim that even if you're not on a diet, you can easily reduce calories by half by enrihing your food with Chia.

Santa Fe Coffee
32 kinds of coffee, delivered from all corners of Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa, freshly roasted and ground just prior to take home. This is the tempting offer of the Santa Fe coffee shop at the indoor market.

Besides the well-known and popular places that source the grain for this invigourating drink, here you can find Arabica coffee from Honduras, Burundi and Malawi famous for its strong flavor and low caffeine content. To balance it and increase the caffeine content you can mix it with  robusta coffee from Ivory Coast. In Santa Fe you will also find 34 types of packaged coffee, loose instant coffee and 100% natural cocoa.

Over 500 types of wines and hard alcohol at the drinks boutique
The wine and alcoholic beverages store in the indoor market tempts you to make a real round-the-world trip, only with a glass of sparkling drink in your hand. You will find over 500 types of wines and spirits from all corners of the planet.
Besides the grape elixirs of the best Bulgarian wineries, wine connoisseurs can choose from selected brands of renowned wine producers from Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Greece, California, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
The shop at the indoor market offers a wide variety of hard alcohol of different brands and from different regions of production. Among the whole range of quality drinks everyone can find their drink, whether they choose from a luxury series, or from the more popular brands at affordable prices.

Over 10 kinds of honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and propolis are displayed at the specialized stand for bee products at the indoor markett. All are produced and delivered by an apiary, located at the foot of the Eastern Balkan mountain in the ecologically clean area of the Grozdyovo village.

Along with popular acacia, lime, herbal honey and honey dew, the stand offers also the Bulgarian natural "Viagra" - thistle honey. The honey range is complemented by honeys with added tahini, cinnamon, nuts, fruit and bee pollen (Perga).

Further steps to better health and more energy can be taken by consuming bee pollen, rich in natural vitamins and amino acids, propolis – the natural antibiotic produced by the bees, and royal jelly, which is a natural immunostimulant with an anti-aging effect. To achieve a greater effect, some of these products are combined by the formula „2 in 1“ or „3 in 1“.

Fruits, vegetables and nuts
Fresh, tasty and good quality fruits and vegetables can be bought from the retailers at the indoor market. The focus is on local production, while imported products find a place on the counter only if they can jump over the "Quality" barrier.

There is a great variety of high quality nuts also at the specialized nuts stall at the indoor market. In keeping with the tenets of healthy eating, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews and Brazilian nuts are available without salt or thermal treatment in a natural state and "bundled" with all natural proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements.

Dried fruits contain a full range of useful ingredients; you can choose from plums, apricots, figs, cranberries, raisins and several types of dates to supplement your diet.

Costumes and ethnic accessories in the Purunika shop
Unique folk costumes with the label of the Varna-based company Perunika which makes the stage costumes and accessories for dozens of folk groups at home and abroad, are already part of the palette of retail outlets in Mall Varna EAD (Мол Варна ЕАД). Any visitor can enjoy the beauty of authentic Bulgarian embroidery, which shines on shirts, aprons, vests and towels, created by the hands of modern masters.

Dressed in their costumes, professional and amateur groups have spread the fame of our folk art on the world stage, as well as in the rural community centers and ethnographic fairs, schools and kindergartens.

Besides ethnic costumes manufactured nowadays, the shop at the indoor market sells authentic national clothing that over a century ago was sported by Bulgarian women on the town squares of Ruse, Pleven and other towns in Thrace and Strandja mountain.

Although the embroidery of the Perunika costumes nowadays is machine-made, it is still unique. At the core of each of the unique patterns is some authentic embroidery. Costumes are custom-made by individual design for each client.

Natural Herbal Soaps and Medical Cosmetics in the ViV shop
The ViV soaps contain all types of natural products – vegetable and essential oils, natural glycerin, herbs and herbal extracts, yet there is no chemistry, food colorants and artificial aromas. The “workshop” has an interior similar to those in fairytales, but the soaps themselves, along with the technology they are made with, are “fairytale-like”. They have olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and castor oil incorporated in their composition. They have been aromatized with clean essential oils, which have been distilled from natural herbs, flowers, and plants. Additional components such as lavender, spirulina, rosemary, mint, chamomile, marigold, ylang-ylang, and cinnamon, which have been used for centuries by the cosmetic industry, act anti-allergically and stimulate your natural biological processes, helping the skin to care for itself and by itself. And it’s because they are handmade that the soaps have unique sizes, shapes, and features.

Another asset of the ViV soaps is the fact that when being produced, 3 to 5 percents of the oils put into them remain unsaponified. In simple language, this means that parts of the natural and essential oils are not washed away by the water; instead, they are absorbed into the clean skin, making it soft, fresh, and hydrated, and obtaining the effect of the so trendy these days in-shower balms. This is analogous to the effect of the bath bombs, which combine the effects of the shower gels and the body balms.

Along with the handmade soaps, at the ViV shop you will find BlackSeaStars, which have been developed and produced by the Institute of General and Non-Organic Chemistry, part of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The creams, face packs, and massage gels, which have completely natural components, have a beautifying, anti-oxidizing and anti-allergic effect. The solutions with Black Sea lye are successfully competing with medical products to treat arthritis and rheumatoid problems.

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