The history of Celio*

Celio* is a brand created in Paris in 1985, when the first store was opened. Over the years the brand has constantly been growing and today it has more than 850 stores in 40 countries. Each year 28 million items with the Celio* logo are sold worldwide. The success of the brand is due to the five core values that the brand professes which are incorporated as elements in its logo. Celio* is a leading international company for the manufacture of men's clothing.

The Celio* Values


The brand is very familiar with the demands of the market and offers fashion that is masculine, brings calm and has a gentle Latino twist.


Aesthetically accomplished, the Celio*style focuses on quality, variety of colors and exquisite taste that will appeal also to women.

Personal style

The art of living a full life, of being respected and of sharing emotions with others...


At the heart of the Celio* policy lies the good quality at affordable prices for their customers.

Customer service

Celio* helps men understand fashion by providing them with excellent service.

Celio* is not just a men's fashion brand – its aim is to provide guidance to the pleasure of being well dressed. The easy to remember universal brand name, the quality service and the constant search for innovation make Celio* into a recognizable, creative and inspirational label with a distinct identity.

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