In modern society, it is almost impossible to escape from stress and pressure, only made worse by our hectic everyday life and environment. Everyone needs to care for their health and body, in order to avoid medical complications.

One of the possible ways to recuperate from fatigue, enhance blood circulation, and stimulate the nervous system, is to get a massage. A massage aids the enhanced functioning of all organs and has a positive effect on the overall health status.

Casada GmbH is one of the leading global manufacturers in Germany, creating products to enhance your good health and physical shape, which can be done through massages in domestic conditions.
The headquarters of the company are in Paderborn, Germany, yet our products are warmly received on markets from all around the world.

Casada’s philosophy is based on the idea to produce and offer clients high-quality products, which can be distinguished by their practicality, impressive design, ergonomics, and last but not least, their simplified operation and maintenance.

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