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About the company
The first store under the Glaza brand was opened in 1998. The company's main goals are the rapid and quality progress of the brand. A fact confirming this claim is the existence of more than 10 stores under the Glaza brand at the moment. Glaza is a brand that has become a household name for quality. The stores offer a wide range of Greek, Italian and Bulgarian products. The company develops and maintains its own brand, which further guarantees high quality and preferential prices.

The company respects its customers and strives to satisfy their wishes. In this regard, our slogan is "We work for you because you have trusted us". We maintain a wide assortment of products at competitive prices. Expanding its operations, the company is also an innovator in the field of franchise development in its sphere all over the country.

Business sector and core activities

Glaza chain of stores offers a wide selection of men's and women's formal, casual and sports shoes as well as leather accessories to them. The products are from the collections of Bulgarian, Italian and Greek producers, whose names are a guarantee of high quality. The company’s professional design team takes care of the creation of models tailored to the latest fashion trends in the footwear industry.

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