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The newest shop in Varna, coming from the Mercari chain, is known for its great diversity of brands at affordable prices. With us, you will find an abundance of original brands of ladies’, men’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, with costs up to 60% lower than those, which brands recommend to retailers.

The company’s mission is to offer high-quality fashion items from the most recent collections of the best worldwide fashion producers, at the lowest possible price, in a way that is in congruence with the clients’ expectations. Mercari selects the products that it sells, and keeps a strict watch on their quality, originality, and origin. In our more than 33 shops in Bulgaria and Romania, we offer items coming from more than 2500 world brands.

When choosing products, we use a variety of opportunities – buying from the biggest online dealers of branded clothing and shoes in Europe and around the world, overproduction from representatives of the respective brands, buying up the entire commodity availability, as well as other options, all of which leads to a great diversity and profitable prices for its clients. We offer different colors, styles, and fabrics, so that we can always offer you enormous options. The assortment gets renovated several times across the week, so visit us more often, in order to find the most recent designer models and unique findings at surprising prices.

At Mercari, the GREAT brands are affordable to ANYONE. We just want people to live better.

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